Here’s what the two of us asked ourselves when we met (full disclosure: at a bar, drink in hand): why is it that we women get near zero information on how to fulfill our most pressing task i.e. how to strive for more in a half-changed world that is dead-set on making us settle for less?

We find our biggest challenge on any given day is to find good information that we need to make decisions, big or small. I am totally going to vote but will somebody explain the difference between Congress and the BJP on the environment or the GST? How am I going to get a raise out of my khadoos boss? Is the menstrual cup icky to use? How do I stay safe on that work trip to Delhi? Also: why can’t I find anything decent to watch this weekend on Netflix?

All these nagging questions led, in turn, to the bigger question: So how do we offer good, useful information that women need? That’s the problem we set out to solve with Broadsheet, so named for every woman’s broadest ambitions, broadening minds, and ever broader horizons. Hey, the broader our lives, the more we need to know, right?

We rely on your help to do just that. Please talk to us at and tell us what you need.

Lakshmi & Shuba

Founding Team

I drive editorial, product strategy and Broadsheet’s strategic roadmap. My past work life includes working for a variety of US media organisations, including Wired, Salon, and the Nation. Closer to home, I co-founded and led I’ve also written lots of stuff on lots of different kind of things for everyone from the New York Times to Al Jazeera to Vogue India.

And my stellar education includes graduating from Mount Holyoke, and dropping out of a PhD program at the Maxwell School over at Syracuse University. Yes, I made my parents proud.

As for the rest: I live in Bangalore with a badly behaved menagerie that includes one child, two dogs and a boyfriend—who test my superhuman patience every day. They are all alive and accounted for… as of now.

I drive business development, brand strategy and growth for Broadsheet.  In my previous avatar, while leading strategy at FITCH design, I led brand positioning projects for Aditya Birla Capital’s corporate re-brand, Welspun’s Spaces, Reliance Trends.  I focused on women’s healthcare while at Y&R, NY helping to build a few blockbuster drugs—such as Humira by Abbott Labs and Yaz birth control—along the way. Most recently I worked on brand strategy for WeWork’s entry into India, and for a few other start-ups in Bangalore when I contracted start-up fever and haven’t looked back since…Oh and yeah, I went to Vassar College and got an MBA from Boston College.

My secret superpower: Listening. TBH, it’s listening after I give the third degree. I suppose I missed my calling as an anthropologist and now love nothing more than talking to different kinds of people and hearing their stories.