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Hmmm... like the Virat Kohli kind?

Nope! And, in fact, being a Broadsheet Ambassador is a whole lot more fun than posing with a saboon ki tikiya. Our Ambassadors hang at uniquely fun Broadsheet events, where they meet other equally awesome people. And they lead the charge of helping us spread the word…

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Well, TBH, since we’ve launched we’ve lucked out with Broadsheet loyalists like you—folks who absolutely love reading us every day, and more importantly, have shared their appreciation/their love far and wide. To show our eternal and enduring gratitude (which you most certainly deserve), we want to give you something in return—so you can keep on doing what you’re most brilliantly doing.

Lol! We wish! But we think this may just be almost as fun. We’ve created a community of Ambassadors, our greatest and most valued cheerleaders who will:

We want Broadsheet Ambassadors to be the network that makes all of us feel inspired, energised and supported—even as we have a blast!

Nope! It’s super simple. Just sign up right here to become an Ambassador. And we’ll take it from there. As for the swag, keep recommending Broadsheet, except now we’ve created a unique referral link—which helps us track and recognise the many wonderful people you bring on board to sign up for Broadsheet’s Daily mail. Here’s how it works:

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