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We explain the biggest stories of the day, with all the vital information you need and none of the jargon you hate. Want to learn more? We comb through all the fake or poorly reported news to point to the best, most credible stories.  You’ll always know what happened and why, every day.


Be it health, technology, psychology, art or culture, we curate the best essays, videos and podcasts from around the world. We do two pop-ups every week—Tuesday and Thursday—and each surfaces a different theme, always offering something unexpected and new.


Almost everything we use, buy, listen to, or watch is based on the recommendation of someone we trust. So every Friday, we put together a short list of products or services—tried, tested and loved by us or someone we know.


We’re all drowning in advice, deluged with endless lifestyle articles, throwaway listicles and more—which make us feel more overwhelmed than ever. So every Monday, after spending hours trawling through the internets to find the best information, we put together a single concise, trusty guide that helps you hack life’s many pressing problems.


It’s the stuff that makes us feel most alive and oftentimes wish we were not. Every Wednesday, we highlight the best writing, lectures, interviews on the mysterious ways of the human heart and libido.

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